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Kennedy Automotive Locksmith Services

As the premier locksmith in Maryland and DC, Kennedy Automotive Locksmith Service offers a comprehensive range of protection and access products tailored for automobiles and contractors. Our unique selling points include 24-hour, round-the-clock services, setting us apart from the competition.

Maryland and DC Automobile Locksmith

Our team of automotive locksmith experts can assist you with any inquiries regarding automotive keys and locks. Our locksmith vans are exclusively outfitted to provide services 24 hours daily, ensuring your convenience and peace of mind. Our services include but not limited to:


Car Key Duplication 

Key Fobs

Key Opener

Car key replacement

Key Fob Programming

Truck Key Copy 

Key Fob cutting

Vehicle Key Maker


Kennedy Locksmith Maryland and DC’s prices are always transparent, and you can communicate directly with a live automotive locksmith in Maryland and DC, ensuring you are fully informed and confident in our services. 

Our mobile locksmith services are committed to providing direct access from the initial phone call to the completion of the task, and we are proud to stand behind our work, ensuring you can trust our services. We do not require a call centre.

What Services We Provide as Automotive Locksmith Experts?

Mobile Locksmith – Comprehensive Solution for All Car Keys

Maryland and DC are experiencing an increase in the incidence of car theft. We offer professional car locksmith services, such as creating and replacing car keys, duplicating car keys, repairing or replacing ignitions, and unlocking sealed cars and trunks. Vehicle lock and key services are the speciality of an auto locksmith. 

Contacting an auto locksmith when confronted with car key issues or lockouts guarantees the efficient resolution of automotive security concerns, which guarantees expeditious and reliable assistance.

We also provide a key fob cutting and programmed to suit the new lock cylinder and change and rekey car door locks with our emergency automotive locksmith services.

If you are experiencing issues with your car locks or simply wish to enhance the security of your vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact Kennedy Locksmith as soon as possible.

Emergency Car Key Replacement
car key replacement locksmith - Automotive locksmith
Emergency Car Key Replacement

Broken Car key replacement and removal

This is a challenging task. Keys, like any other piece of hardware, are also subject to the effects of continuous attrition. Occasionally, it is effortless to determine when a key is no longer in excellent condition. So, it’s better to have a car key duplication done as soon as possible. We are here to help you with:

Damaged car keys

Lock Rekey and Lock Change

Key Extraction for All Key Types

If you lack the appropriate instruments, extracting the broken key from your lock is exceedingly challenging. Fortunately, Kennedy Mobile Locksmith services are equipped with all the tools for a master locksmith to extricate your key within minutes without damaging your lock.

We offer the most exceptional broken key extraction service in Maryland and DC, so our team will also supply you with a new set of meticulously crafted duplicates for your convenience.

Automotive Locksmith Services in Maryland & Washington DC

Car key duplication

If you are required to replace or duplicate your car keys, it indicates that the original has been lost or damaged. The absence of the original key is a significant issue; however, a professional locksmith can resolve it.

Immediately following the sensation of a key being crushed inside a door or ignition lock, the initial thought that enters your mind is that the cost of replacing your keys at the dealership is significantly high. 

Unlike dealerships, we provide the best possible rates, which are easy on the pocket! Contact Kennedy Locksmith. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a complimentary price quotation.

Cheap Car key replacement and key fob programming

The precise trimming of car keys and key fob programming necessitates a locksmith’s attention to detail, talent, and experience. The locksmith will duplicate your current car key by key-cutting it, thereby providing you with a new set of identical, functional keys that can be used to access and start your vehicle. 

Kennedy Locksmith in Maryland and DC offers prompt car key replacement services, including duplicates. Our team of professionals guarantees prompt solutions customized to your vehicle’s specific model, whether you have misplaced your keys or require new key fob programming. One of our fundamental principles at Kennedy Locksmith Maryland and DC is to identify a locksmith who is professional and passionate about their work. 

Why Choose Kennedy Locksmith for Automotive Locksmith services?

Kennedy Automotive Locksmith is the preferred provider of reliable and efficient car key replacement services. We provide professional solutions to expedite your return to the road, whether you have misplaced your keys or require a spare set. Our quality services will give you the confidence you need in your automotive security.

Our professional locksmith team provides the community with high-quality security solutions and top-of-the-line equipment for any automotive, residential, or commercial business. We demonstrate respect and consideration for each of our clients. Our team services various business proprietors, such as attorneys, shopkeepers, department stores, malls, schools, clinics, and others. 

We possess the technology and talent to complete any project with long-term solutions and exceptional results. Contact us today and experience the best!

car key replacement locksmith - Automotive locksmith


Is Car key duplication different from car key replacement?

Yes, car key duplication involves copying an existing key, while car key replacement is creating a new key if the original is lost or damaged. Duplication is a simpler and less expensive process, while replacement often requires reprogramming to match the vehicle’s security system.


Why is there a need for a car key duplication?

Preventing lockout! A spare key will prevent you from the inconvenience of having to immediately contact or visit a locksmith for assistance, regardless of whether you have lost your key, it broke during the day, or you have accidentally left it inside your home while you are locked out.


How should you select your next professional locksmith?

Check online reviews of their respective services and ensure that the address displayed on Google Maps is a legitimate location that leads to a car locksmith business. 

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